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Real independent Ukraine escort It became unmarried more often real independent Ukraine escort ladies are elderly after 40 45 years. The matchmaker has been interested in that the groom married off by her and the bride have got married, in that case it obtained solid monetary reward. To earn “on bread and butter” similar work, it was necessary to have special talent for drawing up of pairs. Activity of the matchmaker is excellent described by N.V.Gogol in "Marriage". The matchmaker assiduously advertises before the overripe groom of advantage of the bride (today we would name it “goods presentation”). “And a dowry: the stone house about two (floors), such that a sheer pleasure. Two wooden хлигеря (wing): one absolutely wooden, another on the stone base, everyone on four hundred brings to the income. The kitchen garden is on the Vyborg party. Yes itself as (lump sugar): white, ruddy as the very picture of health, sweet such, as it is impossible to tell. A merchant of the third guild the daughter. And to Sunday as will put on a silk dress – and so those the Christ, and rustles. The princess simply! Here on this time will be happy (shows on a throat), will tell: “Ah yes Fekla Ivanovna, thanks!” . On rest, a resort, on travel Rest far from the house is, as it is known, excellent chance to strike up interesting acquaintances. read more →