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But this organized hike on the capital of the Byzantine (or Escorts Kiev) empire showed people and tribes, to surrounding slavs, growing economic and military power of Kievan Russia. The Russian Escorts Kiev fleet in composition 200 courts unexpectedly broke in through Bosporus to Constantinople and on June, 18 besieged him. An only rising storm rescued the capital of empire from a complete plunder. This hike was reflected in modern an event sermons of patriarch Photius, with horror talking that Constantinople hardly perished from the Russian swords. He marked growth of the Escorts Kiev state also: “notorious people grew, enslaving areas round itself and considering to po-etomu about itself highly, heaved up a hand on the reign of romeev”. Venetian khronist Ioann D’yakon asserted that light brown send away “with a triumph”. Soon, probably at an emperor Vasiliy 1 (867-886), between Kiev and Car’gradom an exchange happened by embassies, the world and even some part of rusov (possibly, members of princely brigade) was celled adopted christianity. It is known that simultaneously with a hike on Byzantium the Russian brigades in a that year accomplished a hike on the Escorts Kiev coast of Taboristana(Sonth Prikaspiy). Becoming of Kiev as the capitals of the large rannefeodal state was instrumental in further development of city. His rulers and population supported wide foreign-policy and point-of-sale connections. Through a city important trade-routes, including legendary “way, passed from varangian in greeks”.

The Arabic writers and geographers of IX – X ages already well knew and described Kiev as one center of three political associations of east slavs. Testifying to Kiev of that time meet in works of Ibn – Khordadbega, Escorts Kiev, Ibn – Fadlana, in the known treatise of byzantine emperor of X age Konstantina VII Bagryanorodnogo government”.