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In “Life of sv. Stephen Surozhskogo” talked that “Russian rat’” with the prince Bravlinom approximately at the same time ravaged byzantine cities on the Sonth coast of escorts Kiev. A byzantine government conducted peaceful negotiations with the Kievan princes, however, their results, apparently, could not for a long time satisfy ambition of rulers young and enough aggressive the states. A considerable escorts Kiev landmark in foreign-policy history of Russia of IX age was a visit of the Russian embassy to the byzantine emperor to Theophilus in 838, and in 839 – to frank king to Lui to Pious in Ingel’geyme. This fact was fixed in Bertinskoy a chronicle by a bishop escorts Kiev Prudenciem. The task of embassy establishment of peaceful relations, broken attacking of rusov Crimea and Amastridu was in Byzantium, probably. In Byzantium an embassy from kagan rusov was met with kindness, as establishment of amities with Russia to the soootvetstvovalo aims of empire. By the title of “kagan”, which an emperor Theophilus named the ruler of Russia, styled the escorts Kiev princes. He meets in “Word about a law and plenty” (Vladimir Svyatoslavich) and among Sofia graffiti (Svyatoslav Yaroslavich).

In the Old Russian chronicle “Word about the regiment of Igoreve” the first dated mention about a city is resulted under 862, when Askol’d and Dir(860 – 882) reigned in Kiev.

Already in the rule of Askol’da and Dira, in 860 the Old Russian army carried out the first, (but far not unique), aggressive hike on Car’grad (or Constantinople – the capital of the most powerful in antiquity state: To Byzantium; now is Istambul, largest city of Turkey). On Escorts Kiev earths and plunder of cities slavs undertook separate raids from the most ancient times.