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Elite Kiev escorts service lady To live far from the house, in hotel within a month hard, a family cosiness and heat, female care. Even if hotel decent, all the same around state walls – and to it all is told. Should admit that during business trips I sometimes have fleeting relations with elite Kiev escorts service girl . I after all not the monk, physiological requirements have an effect, and the organism demands a discharge, especially after heavy, hard work. Certainly, it conceals in itself certain danger. Therefore at sexual contacts such I necessarily use condoms to exclude risk of a sexual infection. For me the thought that I can cause a damage to health of the wife is inadmissible even and endanger ours with it relations. Among my hotel partners nice ladies came across, but I never that am called, “did not get them into the head” though sometimes and saw that they not to continue away at all the relation. I do not perceive single this sort of sex as change to the wife. For me the wife is something much bigger, and by and large other women to it not competitors. First of all take care of a bathing suit (about it it was already told in head «Clothes, a hairdress, a make-up»). I will remind that is better, eventually, weigh holiday to pass in the same jeans, but to buy the best bathing suit what you only presume. A defile on a golden sandy beach when all sights are chained to you, it is possible to compare only to triumphal pass on a demonstration podium. If you possess a harmonous, flexible figure safely show it in a bathing suit of super-bikini. Do not hide a beautiful body, it is your telling argument in favour of sexual appeal. If you have superfluous kgs of weight, carry only closed, an one-piece swimsuit. In it figure lines look smooth and tightened, and you will make impression, but not the full. And how sunburn, you ask? It is possible to answer it that the man’s attention in this case is more important, and sunbathe you can in a sun deck or on the closed female beach. To put it briefly, if at you on rest stay on a beach or in pool will pay the most careful attention to a bathing suit choice is provided, the perception of your figure depends on it on 80 %. Here still that is important. Do not get on rest of friends which for a minute will not allow to you to be alone. Or, at least, at once tactfully establish a personal liberty mode in dialogue with the resort girlfriend. Agree with it that to you not so necessarily constantly to go anywhere and everywhere together. From time to time go on a beach or on walk without the girlfriend so that associates saw that it is possible to find you and one. Otherwise at men to whom you are pleasant, it can simply not appear possibilities to approach to you. Be able to operate delicately a situation, instead of powerlessly to observe, how it develops in absolutely unnecessary direction for you. Being on vacation, try to spend much time there where there are many people. For example, not only on a beach, but also near to tourist sights, in the main street of a resort and so forth.