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Today the great number of the famous Artistic collectives operates in Escort Ukraine. Three theaters have a rank of academic: State academic legitimate drama the name of And. Franc, National academic Russian legitimate drama the name of L. Ukrainki National opera of Ukraine the name of T. read more →

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For the first two months of restoration works 100 enterprises entered into a line-up, including most: Leninist smithy, Bolshevist, the name of Artem. They at once began to make products for front. read more →

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In “Life of sv. Stephen Surozhskogo” talked that “Russian rat’” with the prince Bravlinom approximately at the same time ravaged byzantine cities on the Sonth coast of escorts Kiev.  read more →

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But this organized hike on the capital of the Byzantine (or Escorts Kiev) empire showed people and tribes, to surrounding slavs, growing economic and military power of Kievan Russia. read more →

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Solid rielter, drawing up a warrant, must undertake fully all of troubles on collection of documents, necessary a escort Ukraine client. read more →