If I want to have a Kiev girl for 0,5 hour? Is it possible?
Yes, it is possible to have any of Kiev girls for half an hour. Call to our manager to make a reservation of a girl.

Can I have 1 Kiev girl for me and my friend?
Yes, you can. Look through descriptions of girls on our site. Call to our manager in Kiev escort to discuss the point.

Can I have 2 or more Kiev girls?
Yes, you can have as many Kiev girls as you want. You should contact us for to get to know more about our propositions.

Do you have the bisexual Kiev girls in escort in Kiev?
Yes, there are many nice girls in Kiev escort who like bisexual relations. Go to girls’ page and find the girl you like to meet and then call to our manager for to invite her.

When need I pay?
You have to pay a girl at the very beginning of your meeting.

Is it possible to pay in Euro?
You have to pay in dollars only.

Can I pay by check or by card?
You have to pay only cash in dollars.

I am busy person, and I will come to Kiev for 2 days. Can I have a Kiev girl in my hotel for 2 hours?
Make your choice of a girl and she will stay with you as long as you want. To safe your time you can make a previous reservation of a girl and she will come faster to you. Anyway, call to our manager in Ukraine escort.

Can you book a hotel for me and send me confirmation?
Yes, we can book you any hotel you like to stay in. there are many nice hotels in Ukraine and Kiev and our manager will send on your e-mail a list of them for you to choose the one.

If I will pay for 1 hour but it will be not enough of time and I would like to continue and to have more time?
If you want to say for longer time with your lady you can do it. At the end of your meeting you will pay a girl for all time you were together.

Do I need to pay for taxi for a girl?
Yes, you need to pay for taxi for your lady.

I would like to go to Ukraine for a first time. Can your girl chow me Kiev and other towns of Ukraine? Does she speak English?
All girls in Ukraine escort speak English very well and they are perfect guides in making your trip interesting and exciting. If you want a Kiev escort girl to accompany you, please, call to our manager for to make a previous reservation of a girl and to discuss other details.

Can I ask to Ukraine escort agency to have sexy toys, disks with sex and especial clothes for girls?
Yes, Ukraine escort can propose to your choice different sexy toys, erotic films, special clothes and masks and whatever you like. Call to our manager and tell him what exactly you want and he will organise everything for you to be satisfied of your choice.

How much time must I wait for a Kiev girl?
For to have a girl you have to call to us 2 hours minimum before to meet your lady, or to make a previous reservation of a girl and she will come faster to you.

If I will use your escort service not 1 time only, can I have more interesting price for Ukraine girls?
Yes, you will have more interesting price proposition each time you use Ukraine escort service. All prices for girls are on our site and you can call to our manager for to get to know more.

Can my Kiev girl meet me in airport?
Yes, she can. Your girl will also help you to get to the city and your hotel. Call to our manager.

Can I invite a girl to me or I can come to her?
If a girl you choose has apartments to meet you there you can come to her. If you want your lady to come to you she will come. So, call to our manager for to get to know more and he will organise your meeting on the highest level.

Need I pay for a hotel, if I come to a Kiev girl?
Yes, if you want to meet your Kiev girl in your apartments you should pay for it. Contact us for to have detailed information.

Can I invite a Ukraine escorts girl in my country?
Yes, you can. Ukraine escort will make all necessary documents for a girl for to organise your meeting. Sometime it can take some time and it depends on the country you live in. first of all, you have to contact us and we’ll discuss all the points.

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